What To Make For Dessert With Spoon Cookies?

Almost everyone has spoon biscuits lying around in the back of a cupboard. If you feel like improvising a dessert with these cookies, here is something to inspire you in the rest of this article.

With Tiramisu

Tiramisu is arguably the most iconic dessert using spoon biscuits. For a classic tiramisu, simply soak your biscuits in a mixture of coffee and amaretto (or marsala), then alternate layers of biscuits and cream made from mascarpone, egg yolks, and egg whites whipped with sugar. Sprinkle it with cocoa powder and sit in the refrigerator for a few hours before serving.

More original, prepare a lemon tiramisu by soaking your biscuits with a spoonful of limoncello and flavoring your mascarpone cream with lemon curd! It is a creamy cream made using lemon juice, zest, sugar, cornstarch, and eggs.

You can also vary the pleasures by preparing a red fruit tiramisu. All you have to do is soak your biscuits in a mixture of red fruit puree and water and a spoonful of lemon juice, then add fresh fruit to the mascarpone cream. Fresh, quick to prepare, and alcohol-free, it is a dessert you can accompany with a fruit coulis and will surely delight young and old alike!

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In Charlotte

You can also use your biscuits with a spoon to line the bottom of a Charlotte mold before pouring it into a Bavarian fruit mousse, a chocolate mousse, or a preparation made from petit suisses, sugar, and fruit. Costs. Let your dessert rest for at least one night in the refrigerator until your Charlotte is well set before enjoying it.

“Fried Eggs”

What if you made “fried eggs” with spoon biscuits? Yes, you read correctly! It is a trompe l’oeil dessert. To prepare it:

  • Simply line the bottom of a gratin dish with spoon biscuits soaked in light syrup and cover them with vanilla custard in which you have incorporated whipped cream.
  • Finish by placing apricot or peach chunks in syrup to give the impression of egg yolks on the dish.
  • Sprinkle with vanilla powder if desired to give the illusion of pepper on the eggs.
  • The cream can be replaced by a sweet preparation based on petit suisses or sweetened fromage blanc and lightened with whipped egg whites for more lightness.
  • Original and very simple to prepare, this very light and fresh dessert will surely amaze your table!

A Thin Fruit Tart

What if you used your spoon biscuits to prepare a fruit tart? Mix your biscuits with almond powder before spreading this preparation over your tart base. Then, arrange the fruits of your choice and bake for 30 to 45 minutes! Spoon biscuits with almond powder work particularly well with fruits, which release a lot of water when cooked by soaking up their juice! Guaranteed delight!


Embark on a journey to the United Kingdom by preparing this traditional British dessert, trifle. In a sizeable transparent salad bowl to reveal the different colored layers of this dessert, place a layer of spoon biscuits soaked in fruit juice or syrup with or without alcohol (such as sherry for the traditional English trifle or a liqueur), fresh fruits like strawberries, raspberries or blackberries, a generous layer of thick vanilla custard then finish with a creamy whipped cream.

In some versions of the trifle, adding a layer of fruit-based jelly is possible. For an interpretation of the trifle more suited to French tastes, opt instead for a little fruit coulis or jam and enjoy!

A Chocolate Mousse Verrine

Prepare a delicious dessert in no time by preparing sweet verrines invented by the talented pastry chef Philippe Conticini. Start by placing in the bottom of your glasses a layer of biscuits with a spoon soaked in a mixture of coffee and liqueur or simply milk for a version for everyone. Then add a layer of chocolate mousse and another layer of soaked biscuits.

Finish with another layer of chocolate mousse and decorate with chocolate shavings. For more freshness, you can add fresh raspberries or pieces of melting pears to the syrup, fruits that go wonderfully with the deliciousness of chocolate. Don’t hesitate to invent other verrine recipes with fruit mousse, chestnut cream whipped cream, caramel mousse, and other delicacies!

Biscuit Pudding

Crumble the biscuits with a spoon into a large salad bowl. Add raisins macerated in rum or chocolate chips, then pour over a mixture of milk, cream, sugar, and beaten eggs. Let the biscuits absorb the liquid for a few minutes, place everything in a baking dish, then bake until golden brown. Enjoy warm or completely cooled and accompanied by custard!

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