Holistic Detoxification And Cleansing: What You Should Know

Detoxification and cleansing after addiction can be very freeing, no matter the kind!

If you have formerly suffered from deadly addictions like drugs and alcohol, the mere fact that the deadly substance is out of your body and mind is real freedom.

There are many ways you can detox your body from toxic substances. Especially when you enroll yourself in a rehabilitation center, there are different steps of detoxification that any patient goes through.

However, a very popular one that is coming to the limelight now is holistic detoxification and cleansing.

Doctors and therapists are using this method to completely unroot the mind’s addiction, which prevents any chances of relapses after the patients have fully recovered.

This is why holistic detoxification is so preferred over the traditional medicinal one. Even in addiction treatment, the most popular of which is during the therapy sessions in rehabilitation.

Now, what are holistic detoxification and cleansing? The excerpt below will have all the details that you need to know about holistic detoxification and cleansing.

What Is Holistic Detoxification & Cleansing In Addition Treatment

The traditional addiction treatment includes a form of medical detox. This is where the withdrawal symptoms during treatment are buried with the effects of these medicines.

Although, this is great for someone who is suffering from drastic withdrawal symptoms like seizures. Yes, there is supervision, but continuing these will only cure the body, not the mind.

Intellectual and spiritual wellness is also important when someone is recovering from an addiction, along with physical wellness. This is why they need a holistic approach.

Holistic detoxification is when patients look at the positive side of living after recovery through mindful activities. This is one of the reasons why every detoxification center should have a holistic unit.

Medicines shouldn’t be the forever cure!

Holistic cleansing is when the body is cleansed of toxins through detoxifying superfoods. & Holistic detoxification is when the patient is taught spiritually to say no to such substances. This is the cleansing of the mind.

What Are The Different Approaches Of Detoxification

When we talk about detoxification, it is not just about substance abuse like alcohol or drugs. You can cleanse the body from other toxins as well, and this is how you will do it.

Underneath mentioned are the steps that you can follow if full-body detoxification is what you desire.

1. Start Eating Detox Superfood

There are many detox superfoods that you should incorporate into your diet. These are foods that are high in fiber, antioxidants, and prebiotics.

Some of the whole foods which you can consume every day are almonds, celery, chia seeds. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E are the three important nutrients you need to have in your diet.

Rather than taking these medicines, these foods will help you detox your liver and lungs from addictive habits.

2. Drink More Water

Make sure that you drink at least 4 liters of water every day. There is no other element more detoxifying than water.

Water lubricants protect your joints from over-exhaustion and regulate your body temperature. It also helps your body to absolve the nutrients properly.

3. Say No To Drugs & Alcohol

Yes, you will find some of the detoxification sources advising you to cut down on alcohol addiction. But true cleansing is when you completely say no to these harmful substances.

No matter what the minimum limit you put yourself into, it couldn’t be better than not intaking them at all. However, if you find yourself unable to say no, you might need professional help.

4. Minimize Caffeine Intake

Yes, we need tea and coffee for our refreshment, and cutting them completely out can be dangerous.

However, since their effect is not as drastic as alcohol or tobacco, you can still consume them. You just have to minimize the intake.

So, watch out for the number of coffees you take!

5. Eat Balanced Protein

There has been a lot of stigma with protein. Some say it is healthy; others say it is not. But, we all need protein for our bodies.

Therefore, whenever you are intaking protein, always balance it. You wouldn’t want to take too much since it risks-high cholesterol; at the same time, too little can weaken your muscle.

Make sure to have protein at least in one meal.

6. Practice Mindful Meditation

Mindful meditation is something that you do for just five minutes!

It is not sitting in the same place and meditating for hours. Being mindful means being present for mental satisfaction. So, you can simply put on some soft music whenever you get the time. Get yourself a timer and close your eyes for five minutes.

7. Start With Light Yoga

Incorporate yoga into your daily routine because the results are going to be phenomenal. Not only will you get a toned body, but your internal system will also benefit.

Yoga keeps the guts healthy and protects you from many diseases. Yoga is also a popular method recommended by therapists for people who are recovering from an addiction.

8. Focus On Your Sleep

Your sleep cycle can mess up your entire routine!

So, if you think you will simply stay up late and sleep in the morning, then you are wrong. You need a daily 7 hour sleep minimum at night because psychologically, you are more refreshed in the morning.

9. Decrease Your Salt & Sugar Intake

Salt and sugar are important to keep your iodine and blood sugar levels balanced. However, when we talk about these ingredients, you will notice one thing.

You never need to consume too much of it. On the other hand, a little can go a long way. So, next time you feel like your tea needs to be sweet, put one teaspoon of sugar rather than three.

Detoxification Is Important!

Everything in your life requires a balance!

Detoxification and cleansing don’t mean you don’t eat your favorite food, exercise all day all night, or have gallons of water.

It just means that you need to be aware of your body’s health and do everything to keep your mental and physical state prim and proper.

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