Who To Consult For An Erection Problem?

Consulting this doctor is especially indicated for erection problems of physical or “mechanical” origin.

What Urologist does?

The urologist is a surgeon by training; he specializes in all diseases related to the organs and the genitourinary tract (kidney, urethra, bladder, testes, prostate, etc.). They can do tests to determine if you have a condition, diagnose it, and prescribe medical treatment. He will be particularly attentive to anything that may raise prostate problems that may cause erectile difficulties. If necessary, he will perform the surgery himself.


It is preferable to have consulted a general practitioner beforehand, who will refer you to a urologist if your case requires more in-depth examinations. The urologist can be a good solution for mechanical problems, especially if you have prostate problems or are coming out of an operation. Be careful; sometimes, you have to wait a bit to get a consultation. The urologist may also prescribe medication, such as vasoactive treatment on the erection if he deems it proper.

What Psychologist does?

To talk about your problems related to psychological difficulties.

The psychologist listens without judging, tries to understand the origin of your troubles better, and offers you treatment using psychotherapy.

To consult, for example, if you get an erection during foreplay and it goes away during intercourse, and you feel that your anxiety is to blame.

Psychological erectile dysfunction can, for example, be linked to fatigue, stress, but also problems with confidence, self-esteem, or blockage after sexual assault. The psychologist can offer a job to increase your self-confidence, your self-esteem, or trauma-based therapy to overcome them.


Before consulting a psychologist, it is recommended to carry out a medical check-up. Without this precaution, there is a risk of embarking on therapy and missing any abnormalities, when it may be a hormonal problem, age, or drug. Ideally, the psychologist should also be trained in sexology.

You can consult a sex therapist if you have an erection problem.

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What can a Sex Therapist do?

The sex therapist takes care of all sexual difficulties, in particular erectile dysfunctions. He will look at the assessment carried out by the general practitioner (or prescribe it himself if you have not done so). Depending on the results, he will suggest a strategy.

He will prescribe medicines (tablets, injections, patch, etc.), if necessary. He can give you exercises to perform alone or with your partner, such as a couple of massages to regain confidence. He may also advise you to work in psychotherapy or as part of couples therapy, depending on the origin of your sexual problems. Please note, only those who have the title of “sex therapists” can offer medical or surgical examinations and treatments.


With the sex therapist, you are sure to find a listening experience directly related to your problem. He is comfortable with sexuality, gets to the heart of the matter quickly and is familiar with the subject and the treatment options. Each year, around 500,000 French people consult a sex therapist. About 80% go to practice without their partner. As a second step, it may be helpful to consult as a couple.

Seek the advice of a marriage counsellor for relationship problems.

What can Marriage Counsellor do?

Marriage counsellors have a targeted relationship approach. They have no training in sexology but can intervene in conflict management. The consultations (around 45 minutes) can be done on your own. Still, it is preferable that your partner is involved, once the difficulties have been verbalized. After several years of living together, time can set up conflicts, lessen desire, create toxic habits, bring out differences that one or the other can no longer support.

These difficulties can be sexual, or on the contrary, they can be found on a completely different ground.

For example, a husband who does not accept his wife’s choices became a business owner when she was a stay-at-home mother. Several interviews will be necessary to renew the bonds of dialogue within the couple.


Like all those involved in care, the marriage counsellor is bound by professional secrecy. He will not repeat to your partner what is said between you and him. It is a neutral third party that allows subjects to be approached more freely than with your best friend, who is necessarily a stakeholder. Suppose the marriage counsellor sees that his approach is not enough. In that case, he will refer you to a practitioner specializing in sexology.

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