Why Can Libido Explode With Pregnancy?

It’s no secret that being pregnant disrupts life and, of course, sexuality. Some women even claim to have never wanted to make love so much.

For my two pregnancies, my libido has exploded. I have wanted all the time and throughout. While I can feel complexes in normal times, I had no discomfort vis-à-vis my body, the big breasts, the big buttocks, etc. Let’s say that I wanted to express a mix of manifestation of love and empowerment (note: translate liberation, emancipation).

So, the pregnant woman: more cavalier, assumed and sexual than usual? “We know that during pregnancy, especially in the 2nd trimester, there is a recovery in libido “, our gynaecologist Sandra Fornage automatically replies. We would even speak of a second honeymoon, so much the intensity of the desire would recall the beginnings of the relationship. According to our expert, this is explained by both physiological and psychological factors.

psychological liberation

This corresponds to this famous “empowerment”. “At the beginning, we are afraid; we have nausea and vomiting… And at the end, there may be a decrease in desire because there is a physical limitation. In the second trimester, the body has adapted, and we are more reassured,” says our expert. So if the beginning of a pregnancy is not necessarily glamorous and engaging, the mind is freed once the adaptation phase has passed. It is probably also for this reason that this period would be conducive to erotic dreams. As evidenced by Eva, the unconscious also seems to be loosened.

Finally, a feeling of personal fulfilment is often generated by pregnancy. Women feel like they are fulfilling themselves (not just mating), which can only positively affect libido.

It must be imagined that the lower abdomen is particularly stressed during this period of gestation. The receptivity of the sexual organs is therefore increased. A bit like when men have morning erections: their bladder is full, and the pressure is greater in the genitals.

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Stimulating hormones

Although prolactin (a hormone secreted during pregnancy that promotes milk production) can inhibit desire, other substances will boost it. We know, for example, that women are very excited during ovulation thanks to the joint action of progesterone and estrogen.

And these hormones, known to eroticize, are also very active during pregnancy, which could also explain the increase in desire.

And then, if all goes well, the woman is happy to be pregnant, the brain then produces hormones of happiness which, as we know, is one of the presuppositions of desire.

However, our gynaecologist warns: “Hormonally, it is less clear because estrogens do not always have a doping effect on the libido. Therefore, we must be careful not to generalize: we are not equal when it comes to these substances.

3 things to know about sex during pregnancy

  • Unless there are medical contraindications (premature childbirth, etc.), there is no risk in having sex from the beginning to the end of pregnancy, neither for the mother nor for the unborn baby.
  • At the end of pregnancy, it could even help with childbirth. This is called the Italian trigger. Indeed, orgasm causes contractions of the vagina which themselves promote the birth of a baby. Hormones in the semen (prostaglandins) could also cause these contractions, although not all the studies agree on this last point. Regardless, there is no need to worry about hurting the child! Nature is well done, you think.
  • You can also use sex toys if you feel like it; however, you will avoid the electrical stuff; you never know.

There you have it; you will have understood it: it often happens that women are very excited during their pregnancy, both thanks to a psychological release system and a physical phenomenon of engorgement of the tissues. So could you make the most of it, because you? are not pregnant every day.

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