Why Choose Regenerate?

Dental enamel is the hardest substance in our body, answerable for the presence of our teeth and ready to endure forever. Notwithstanding its essential consistency, it may be dependent upon disintegration. Recover Finish Science addresses the sole framework ready to recover dental polish with the mineral that makes up the veneer. The dental finish carries a fundamental role: shielding the softcore from corrosive determined disintegration. It is predominantly made out of minerals and has a sensibly solid consistency. In any case, regardless of this, the dental finish will generally break down for many days, and when consumed, the body can never again reestablish it. What’s more, this is where Recover comes in.

The Regenerate System

Regenerate Enamel Science addresses the solitary demonstrated framework fit for upgrading the mineralization processes that are now present in a usual manner in spit and which lead to the development of hydroxyapatite with a piece indistinguishable from that of the mineral in dental lacquer. This framework can:

  • Regenerate the dental enamel eroded by wear and by the corrosive got from food varieties and beverages with an elevated degree of sharpness;
  • Prevent the invisible and early stages of the enamel erosion process;
  • Offer superior enamel hardening compared to fluoride-only toothpaste;
  • Help restore enamel that is attacked by acids.

Throughout the long term, the worldwide group of researchers has led different in vitro and situ studies, showing how calcium silicate can store itself on the lacquer of solid and dissolved teeth.

The Products Of The Regenerate Line

Dental enamel is defenseless to harm brought about by corrosive disintegration. The beginning phases of finish disintegration are not apparent to the unaided eye, implying that numerous patients are frequently uninformed about the state of their teeth until veneer disintegration arrives at fundamental levels. The results of the Regenerate line assist you with recovering the dental finish by reestablishing its mineral substance and are additionally ready to follow up on the underlying and undetectable conditions of the teeth.

Tips For Using Regenerate

The regular use of Regenerate products helps to protect the dental enamel from its erosion, but to obtain the most significant benefits, follow these small tricks:

  • Try to reduce the frequency of drinking acidic foods and drinks;
  • Wash your mouth with water after polishing off acidic food varieties and beverages. In this way, you will help restore the natural pH of the mouth, reducing the risk of erosion;
  • Avoid brushing your teeth with a stiff-bristled toothbrush ;
  • Have regular checkups with your dentist.

Causes And Symptoms Of Dental Erosion

The erosion of dental enamel, which can affect anyone at any age and makes teeth more vulnerable, is challenging to notice, and very often, it happens too late. However, there are alarm bells that can help you understand when the erosion process may be underway:

  • Yellowing: this occurs when the enamel tends to thin due to the greater exposure of the underlying dentin;
  • Transparency: in the initial stages of dental erosion, the surface of the teeth may appear more pale or transparent;
  • Sensitivity: Enamel erosion causes increased exposure of the underlying dentin. This can cause sharp cramps, aches, or pains when hot or cold foods and drinks are consumed;
  • Cracks: If dental erosion has reached an advanced stage, the teeth may have gaps or appear irregular.

The leading cause of enamel erosion can be an incorrect diet based on sugary drinks and junk food. It also emerged that the main modern diets that have favored this phenomenon are those that include foods such as:

  • Apples
  • Orange juice
  • vinegar
  • Red wine

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