Why Smith Optics Is A Leading Eyewear Brand

Smith Optics started selling ski goggles in 1965 and remains a popular sports and casual eyewear brand over half a century later. Here are a few reasons why Smith is so popular among snow and water sports athletes and casual wearers who want comfortable, lightweight eyewear available in distinctive frame and lens tint colors that is designed to stay in place.

Smith Makes Stylish Eyewear for Men and Women

Smith makes wide selections of frame styles for men and women. No matter what your preferred glasses shape, style, frame color or lens tint, odds are you can find a pair of Smith sunglasses or eyeglasses that fits the bill.

Smith Evolve is the largest eco-friendly sunglasses collection in the world. Global market research shows that a growing percentage of consumers are seeking out sustainable products, and stylish sunglasses are no exception.

Professional Athletes Wear Smith Snow Goggles

Smith has been associated with snow sports since the founder of the brand began making ski goggles in 1965. The visibility of this brand name on snow goggles and helmets has been a source of promotion for decades.

Today, Smith sponsors an array of professional athletes in the areas of ski, snowboarding, surfing, fishing, mountain biking, road biking, sailing and triathlon. These brand representatives increase the visibility and appeal of Smith goggles and sunglasses.

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Smith Optics Makes Sports and Fashion Frames

In addition to widely expanding the outdoor sports sunglasses market, Smith also makes stylish eyeglasses. Choose from lifestyle and fashion frames for casual wear or active styles with hydrophilic Megol nose pads and temple tips that stay in place.

Many sunglasses by Smith can be worn during a wide range of outdoor activities. The Smith Elite eyewear line includes styles that meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 and MIL-PRF-31013 standards.

Chromapop Lens Technology Improves Color Perception

The proprietary ChromaPop lens technology in non-prescription Smith glasses filters out wavelengths that can cause visual confusion. These distinctive-looking lenses work by helping the retina differentiate between blue and green and red and green light.

ChromaPop lenses filter out color crossovers for more accurate color perception regardless of lens tint. These lenses also boast high definition and visual clarity. Choose a tint based on your preferences for color customization or desire for a particular level of visual light transmission.

Smith Also Makes Safety Eyeglasses

The Elite eyewear line adds ANSI-rated options to the Smith lineup. In addition to snow goggles designed for eye safety on the slopes and sunglasses built to withstand a wide range of outdoor sports, Smith Elite eyewear can provide occupational and ballistic protection.

When you consider buying a pair of Smith Optics goggles, sunglasses or eyeglasses, you can rest assured that you are shopping for the best sports eyewear. Some Smith frames are available with the option for prescription lenses, while a number of the brand’s goggles can either be worn over glasses or with a lens in an Optical Docking Station. The wide variety of options Smith offers to customers is the main reason why this classic brand is so popular today.

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