Why Would CBD Be Useful In Cosmetics

Fashions and trends have continued to evolve over the years, in all fields and particularly that of cosmetics. Taking care of yourself has always been a priority, but not just any old fashioned way. Today, we observe that organic and environmentally-friendly cosmetic products are attracting more and more people.

We favour cosmetics of natural origin, and cosmetic brands have well understood this phenomenon. More hemp-based products are invading the shelves: soothing gels, lotions, moisturizing balms, anti-ageing serum or even day or night cream; the hemp leaf is in the spotlight. And consumers are snapping them away. It is important to differentiate between cannabis oil (hemp seed more precisely) and CBD oil. One is extracted from the plant’s roots, while the other contains a phytocannabinoid from its flowering tops. But how and why is CBD so good for our skin? What are its virtues? And how do you choose the right cosmetic product?

CBD, A Cannabinoid With Many Potential Virtues

CBD (cannabidiol) is a phytocannabinoid. It is synthesized by the cannabis plant at the level of its flowers, and more precisely, in the trichomes, small glands containing the majority of its active ingredients. Scientists attribute a multitude of benefits to the body.

First of all, it would have a beneficial effect against skin ageing: its anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle actions are special thanks to its antioxidant potential. Indeed, it captures free radicals, responsible for cellular deterioration and, therefore, ageing.

CBD would also present a deep moisturizing action and allow to leave soft and nourished skin. Also, it would have soothing properties, particularly useful on so-called problem skin suffering from eczema, psoriasis or acne. This action is linked to its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic potential to relieve skin disorders.

Finally, the presence of endocannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 in each layer of the skin, nerves attached to skin follicles or nerves in the epidermis, explains how CBD has so many virtues so sought after in cosmetics. The endocannabinoid system is involved in an inflammatory and allergic reaction. Therefore, it seems supposed that a skin application of CBD would soothe, relieve, and limit skin disorders.

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Why Is It Increasingly Used In Cosmetics

Two main aspects can explain this new trend. On the one hand, there is an awareness of the impact of consumption on the environment. The empowerment of consumers makes it possible to emphasize the importance of using organic, ethical, and good health products. The dramatic consequences of the use of chemicals are increasingly being denounced. Users pay more attention to the composition of food and cosmetic products.

On the other hand, there is an evolution in mentalities and social representations. Cannabis has been widely demonized for a hundred years because of a prohibition straight out of the United States. The plant was considered only as a drug in joints and reserved for babacools and misfits. Education around cannabis is finally bearing fruit.

Consumers are interested in the plant’s virtues, its different active ingredients and learn to distinguish between CBD and THC, between therapeutic and cosmetic benefits and intoxicating psychoactivity. Finally, CBD- based cosmetics are suitable for all skin types: combination, oily or dry skin which makes them attractive and accessible.

Our Advice Before Purchasing Your Cosmetic Products Containing CBD

As with all cosmetic products, it is essential to check the composition carefully. How much is CBD, and what are the carrier oils? Are there any chemical additives, fragrances or preservatives? Also, it is better to take an interest in the origin of hemp. We advise you to always favour a plant resulting from organic, ethical and local farming if possible.

It also seems desirable to us to check the manufacturer’s seriousness and the distributor to ensure compliance with standards and regulations: no presence of prohibited substances such as certain pesticides and a THC content <0.2%.

Finally, precisely identifying your need, and why not with a professional such as a dermatologist, will allow you to choose a suitable, more effective product that will meet your needs.

In conclusion, a new trend has appeared in the world of cosmetics. Natural products that respect the health and the environment have become the favourites of consumers. CBD meets these requirements perfectly, has proven its effectiveness and continues to delight users.

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