Weird, But True! Why You Shouldn’t Throw Away Your Kiwi Fruit Skins!

Are you used to throwing the fruit skin in the trash? This is a bad idea because some peels are full of benefits! Do you want to know more? Scan this article! We tell you why you shouldn’t throw kiwi fruit skins in the trash.

The Kiwi: A Fruit Originating From China

Did you know? The kiwi is the fruit of a vine that looks like a vine. We have to admit, with its hair-covered skin and oval shape, the kiwi is really fun! It is also delicious in fruit salad, in a smoothie, in juice, or eaten alone with a spoon as a snack. Originally from China, this small fruit is now cultivated in other regions of the world, such as New Zealand or California, because it is very appreciated for its tangy taste and its high vitamin C content.

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The Skin Of The Kiwi Fruit Is A Treasure For Your Health

It’s a fact! Kiwi skin is rich in fiber. According to nutritionists, it contains 50% of the fruit’s thread, which is 3.5g in total! By consuming this hairy skin, you take care of your digestive system and increase the feeling of satiety, which is attractive as part of a low-calorie diet. That’s not all! Fiber also helps regulate blood sugar.

The Nutritional Qualities

The skin of the kiwi has other virtues: it contains many essential nutrients, such as vitamin A, vitamin C or even vitamin E. It is, therefore, perfect for strengthening the immune system, giving energy during the day and protecting cognitive functions. Want to know another Kiwi Peel benefit? It contains a lot of flavonoids, miraculous substances that help fight inflammation and fight against cellular aging.

A Warning Caution

Are you prone to kidney stones? Pay attention! Indeed, the skin of the kiwi is rich in oxalate, a natural substance that promotes the formation of crystals in the kidneys when it comes into contact with calcium in the body.

How To Consume The Skin Of Kiwi? Our Advice

Do the skin benefits of kiwifruit attract you, and you have decided to eat it? To begin your culinary adventure, know that some skins are more pleasant than others to swallow. This is the case for the peels of yellow kiwi or golden kiwi, which are finer and smoother than those of typical kiwi.

The Classic Preparation

Have you chosen a generous fruit, and are you ready to start tasting? Wash it under tap water for a few moments to remove dirt and tiny hairs that cover its surface. Then, dry the kiwi by rubbing it vigorously with a clean cloth or rubbing it with a soft-bristled brush. You can also take a small kitchen knife to scrape the fruit and remove any unsightly hairs.

Once the kiwi is free of impurities, cut it into pieces or bite into it as you would an apple. You can also mix it in a blender to make a smoothie. Do you have other ideas for preparing a Kiwi with the skin? Make a delicious fruit salad with oranges, pieces of apple, slices of kiwi and bananas, without forgetting a few slices of pineapple.

A Few Original Ideas

No matter how curious you are, you are not convinced by the texture and taste of kiwi skin. However, you want to enjoy all these benefits… We have a solution not to throw these precious peelings in the trash: you will allow them to mix in a carafe loaded up with new water for a couple of hours.

In this way, you will obtain a delicious flavored drink rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Want to know one last tip? Place some kiwi skins on a baking tray, cover them with honey and caster sugar and roast them for around 30 minutes at 150°C to make delicious sweet chips.

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