Why Your Fingers Get Wrinkled When You Bath

The so-called duplex fingers and feet are created when there is extensive contact with water – but they get their name because of their similarity to candy. Often, washing the dishes can be enough, but they occur during extended bathing or swimming in any case.

It is not yet precisely clear why the skin of the fingers and feet becomes wrinkled. There are three theories about this:

Theory I: Horn cells take up water

This theory assumes that the horny cells fill with water, much like a sponge. Corn cells are dead skin cells that form the top layer of our skin and are connected to the subcutaneous tissue. If the cells are now full of liquid, the size of the cells increases, but the connection to the subcutaneous tissue creates furrows. So the appearance of the duplex fingers and feet.

Theory II: Keratin expands

Keratin is formed in the epidermis by the horny cells. It ensures that the skin is water-repellent and ensures firmness. With prolonged contact with water, the keratin absorbs the liquid and expands. However, the keratin fibres are laid out in different directions, which leads to the double finger and foot phenomenon.

Therory III: The nervous system

The third and last theory is about the research results of a working group for neuroscience. She claims to have found out that the swelling and wrinkling of the hands and feet results from a stimulus to the nervous system. The purpose of the stimulus is to ensure that the small blood vessels constrict, which causes the skin to contract while the cells absorb water.

It has been proven that this reaction is used for safe movement and gripping in the water. Because the groove-like indentations improve the feel. Our fingers do not always look like this can probably be explained by the then reduced sensitivity to the sense of touch.

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