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I am not going to talk about specific advice or complex issues since I think that first of all, a foundation must be established. From there, we can add information, but if the bases are not clear, it is not productive to go into more specific topics. So today, in this first part, I will give you the 5 best tips that I can give to the girls before starting so that they start with a good predisposition, energy, and attitude.

Miracle Diets

I think this is undoubtedly the most important piece of advice I can give you today. If I can ask you to close this article with something clear, let it be this: DO NOT EVER MIRACLE DIETS. Never. Never. Never.

Miracle diets are focused on a high percentage of women, because it seems that, socially, the aesthetic pressure for thinness falls almost exclusively on women. Men have other social pressures (such as the more macho and “alpha” being the one with the most biceps, which is ridiculous as well), but thinness is mainly a feminine desire and the vast majority of products and diets are focused only on women.

Why Are 0% Fat Products Pink And Lilac?

Why do “healthy” cereals that help care for the line advertising for women? I remind you that because they put “fitness” on the cover, it does not mean that they are healthy or sporty.

Why are ads for products that help lose fat starring women?

In short, we could talk long and hard about the double criminal standards that exist in our society, but the important thing is that women often fall prey to diets that promise quick and “effortless” results, and that leads to metabolic catastrophes and results. nonexistent. So I think the best thing is to avoid everything. The best cure is prevention.

All Miracle Diets Usually Have Several Common Characteristics

  • Very low-calorie diets –
  • Extremely restrictive diets.
  • Huge amounts of cardiovascular exercise

Diet Very Low In Calories

If you start a very low-calorie diet you will achieve a rapid weight loss. Congratulations. No, not so fast.

What do you want, lose weight or lose fat? Because I would swear that weight does not matter if what you are taking ahead is water, glycogen, and muscle. Which is what you will be taking in large part if what you are doing is resting the calories too much for too long.

The body, being in a situation of scarcity will enter what is popularly called survival mode and various metabolic adaptations will occur that will mainly aim to decrease the energy deficit in which we find ourselves reducing our caloric expenditure at all levels and preparing the body to regain lost energy as soon as possible.

Some Of These Adaptations Are

  • Loss of muscle
  • Decreased leptin
  • Increased ghrelin
  • Increased insulin sensitivity in fat cells
  • Lowering of metabolic rate
  • Decreased expression of genes that are responsible for fat loss.
  • Increased expression of genes that are responsible for lipogenesis.
  • Decreased testosterone
  • Decreased thermogenesis
  • Cortisol increase
  • Decreased activity of the thyroid gland
  • Increased efficacy in mitochondria

Once we are in this situation … wrong. Very bad. We will be in a very screwed up metabolic situation. Precisely because the body is trying to spend the least and is prepared to store the most.

What do you think will happen when you stop the diet and return to normal eating? The rebound effect we’ve all heard of.

Extremely Restrictive Diets

If you start an extremely restrictive diet, your adherence decreases. This is a fact beyond any type of debate.

The best diet is not the one with the perfect macros and calories for you personally. The best diet is the one you are able to follow. And a very restrictive diet that it will do is increase the possibility that you will skip it by increasing your cravings. And when you do, having had a very important caloric and food restriction, it is more than likely that you will skip it by making some tremendous eats. To this, we add the metabolic state in which we find ourselves by having made a very low-calorie diet. Result: mind-blowing weight gain in a tiny period of time.

And when that happens it is also very typical that later you feel guilty and a “failure” for not having followed the diet (an absurd diet, remember) and have gained so much weight, so you will return to it, even more, restrictive to compensate for the “Mistake” you just made.

Does it ring a bell? Because it is something I see daily. A very dangerous vicious circle.

As I have told you better avoid this because once we are in there, going out is quite complicated.


Here I will include both cardio and weight training.

Girls, let’s see. It is important that you do resistance work. Weights are a great idea. And not only for aesthetics (which by the way, you will not get to a hunk like many you think) but for health it is also a safe bet.

I do not know if you have noticed that there is an epidemic of obesity and osteoporosis currently. The first, especially in men. The second, mainly in elderly women.

Well, I am pleased that women pay attention to Julia Otero and fatten Densias and milk enriched with calcium and vitamin D for the bones (ah, they drink skimmed milk because “fat makes you fat” and vitamin D, being fat-soluble, it cannot be absorbed as fat has been removed from milk) when one of the best preventives for osteoporosis is weight training ( 1, 2 )

Weight training, among other benefits:

  • Increase muscle mass, which will make you burn more base calories.
  • Increases insulin sensitivity.
  • Improves bone health and prevents osteoporosis and osteopenia.
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes.
  • Diminishes cortisol throughout the day
  • Reduces the incidence of cardiovascular diseases -Improves the lipid profile
  • Reduces the incidence of various types of cancer, and reduces recurrences.
  • Reduces cases of depression and stress.

The important thing is to understand that if you are looking for a body with curves, cardio ad eternal, and absurd caloric restriction will not give it to you. They will not.

A good diet, heavyweights, and moderate cardiovascular exercise, yes.

It is curious that cardio is also used as a purgative by many women who have ended up in the situation that I have explained in point one. Women usually do not do weights, and when they follow a very low calorie and very restrictive diet, they also add cardio. And when they rebound, they often increase cardiovascular exercise to ridiculous levels in a desperate attempt to lose weight.

They do not know that the only thing they are doing is making the situation worse, creating more severe metabolic adaptations, losing more muscle, increasing stress and time invested, etc … You see that cardio well used is very suitable, but in excess, it is very harmful.

I have a client I am currently working with who has done exactly this. Thank goodness she is working it out and she is doing luxury, doing less and less cardio, eating more, and maintaining weight.

But hey, the solution: prevent it from happening in the first place. Because then you have to invest time in reversing the situation. Time that could be used to progress.

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Many women think that when they are 30 years old it is too late to start training and taking care of themselves and they do not start directly. 30 years, or 40 or 50. Whatever. And that is absurd.

Yes, you may not have the same energy or strength as when you were 20 years old, but that does not stop you from being the best version of yourself that you can offer the world now. At the age you are, it doesn’t matter. The only important thing is to improve within your means and at your own pace, but to improve. And for this, there is no maximum age.

Yes, it is true that depending on the age you need different nutritional or training requirements, but that does not mean that when you reach X age you can no longer do anything and that you have passed the rice.

And if not look at the following “girls.”

And also, we must understand that the physical ends up being something secondary.

The benefits of training, correct nutrition, and adequate rest go far beyond that. Fewer depressions, more energy, fewer illnesses, more vitality, more optimism, aging with a much better quality of life,


This is one of the things that makes me most angry and is that many women are afraid.

It is desperate to see how well society has done to scare women in so many ways. Fear of consuming certain foods, fear of consuming certain nutrients, fear of doing certain exercises, … Fears in general. It is unfortunate, and I think I have already said unfortunate many times in this article, but it is the reality. I am very indignant.

  • I’m sick of seeing women buying light and 0% products because fat seems to make you fat.
  • I’m sick of “fat catching” products because be careful, fat is bad.
  • I am fed up with selling the image that proteins are super bad because they cause the kidney to explode and thus be able to sell detox diets and the like.
  • I am sick of women being the target of a thousand and one trendy “wellness” products that make them believe they need it out of fear when in reality all they do is slim down their wallets.

What you have to do is eat well, exercise, and get enough rest. There we can go into details, but the bases are those. There’s no more. Success is mainly achieved with those 3 things simply. And in my opinion, whoever tells you otherwise is lying to you.

I promise you, it has no more mystery than that. Stop paranoia, fears, and phobias and you will be happier.


I know that the last point is not dedicated to women only, but I think it is important to highlight it once again because you can never say enough times: be patient.

The results do not come without proof. They do not arrive overnight. And much less if you have been doing things wrong for several years. Or several decades, as there may be cases. You can’t expect to change years of bad habits in a few weeks. Despite what they want to promise you to sell such a diet or the Easter supplement. There are no shortcuts. When you do things right, you don’t need shortcuts.

The results do not come without effort. When they tell you that without doing absolutely nothing you will be divine of death, be suspicious. Nothing comes without effort. Nothing comes without constancy. And the reality is the following: whoever wants something costs something.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Don’t fall into the trap.

The results are not in a supplement bottle or a junk shop. So do yourself a favor and don’t waste your money. Supplements can help but are never a substitute for proper nutrition and intense training, and they usually help in a much smaller percentage.

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